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Thank you for your interest in Divine Debutantes - CLUB D! Here are some basic steps for starting a CLUB D in your school, youth group or other organization:



Learn More about Club Debutante

Divine Debutantes was founded by a non-profit organization called Building Our House. Building Our House is a faith-based, grass roots effort to assist families in the community. CLUB D uses a guidebook, which includes 6 units covering approximately two school calendar years based on 20 minute lesson times.

Volunteer time includes two hours a week during the school year (One hour club time including average travel, Up to one hour preparation time). No prior experience is necessary. A genuine heart for helping young women required. Read more

Gain Permission for this Club

Gain permission for this club from whomever is in charge of your school or group. Also, gain approval for a time and place to meet. Clubs usually meet weekly during lunch periods. A lot of time, Private Christian Schools prefer to recruit your facilitator. While having an idea ahead of time of someone they may approve of is recommended. See Find a Facilitator below.

Public schools will need to meet before or after school hours and are approved by our Constitutional Right for Religion Freedom and further by a Statement fro the US Department of Education on July 12, 1995 (see

Register Your Club Online

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Purchase a Guidebook

Purchase a guidebook for $25.00 plus shipping and tax (if applicable). This guidebook can cover up to 2 school calendar years before units are repeated. Lessons use household items.

Find a Facilitator

Find a volunteer who will act as mentor and facilitator for this group and who meets the approval of those in authority (i.e. principal, women's ministry leader, youth leader or organization leader).

A good place to look for a facilitator is alumni of the school or group where you are trying to start a club, especially in the case of Private Christian Schools. Ask the local women's ministry affiliated with the school or group. If there is not an affiliation, asking a local women's ministry group is a great place to start. They will be helping to fulfill their Biblical role, raising up the next generation of Godly Virtuous Women.

Set Aside Weekly Meeting Times

We recommend that you set aside 30-40 minutes for club meeting time, although 20 minutes will work. This time will allow for the lesson and discussion that follows. Less meeting time means less discussion time. Mentoring and peering encouragement is a very important part for the impact of this club. While 30-40 minutes is desirable, we do have successful clubs that work within a 20 minute time period.

Pray, Pray, Pray

Most importantly, pray to see what God orchestrates through your efforts and for those who become involved in this process. Asking for the help of The Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus, amen ;-).